The Great American Wall

So woohoo, the great wall will finally be built! President Trump ordered the Department of Homeland Security by decree – executive order – to start building. Cost estimates range between 15 and $30 billion. Have you ever seen a government project being built on time and on budget? Neither have I! And where is this money going to come from? Paul Ryan says that Congress might actually OK the money and advance it on behalf of the American taxpayer to be reimbursed later by Mexico in a “rather complicated” deal according to President Trump. And where do you figure this money will come from? 15 – $30 billion. We would have to go borrow that kind of money! It would add to the national debt that everybody is so worried about! And who do you suppose would be able to lend us that kind of money? Oh yes of course, the Chinese! They have been lending us money for decades. They would be delighted to let us have even more money and be even more indebted to them than we already are. The Chinese would have us even more by the balls and over a barrel, take your pick, then they already do.

Oh, and one more thing before we actually go and build this wall: 40% of all illegal immigrants simply fly here with a tourist visa and then overstay their visit. Kinda like I did in 1985 for a few months until I got a greencard and later on got naturalized. So let’s just say there are actually 11 million illegal immigrants in this country right now. 4,400,000 of those flew here! No wall, no matter how high, would have kept them out.

Imagine what we could be doing with those $15-$30 billion in this country for our people! Schools, infrastructure, free colleges and universities, I guess I could go on but I hope you’ll get the drift.

Paris – Bruxelles in 80 Minutes

by Bernard Schaer

It does not seem likely that you or I will travel by train from Paris to Bruxelles – a roughly 200 mile distance – in just 80 minutes anytime soon. Yet to me it is a great symbol of the status quo of this great country of ours and where our government’s priorities have been for many years now. The American rail system is ancient. It takes almost 3 hours for a 100-mile trip from Las Vegas, New Mexico to Albuquerque, NM.

Washington is in the grip of a fever

by Robert Weissman /

Washington is in the grip of a fever. It’s hard to find a word other than lunacy to describe what’s going on.

We are veering toward potential economic catastrophe.

And Congress is hung up on a debate that shouldn’t be occurring. It is debating an imaginary problem that conjures scary future scenarios but ignores dire existing circumstances. The consensus proffered solution to the imaginary problem would damage our country and further weaken our economy.

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Life After Capitalism – part 2

by Dr. Stuart Jeanne Bramhall

This is the second of two articles exploring the likelihood that capitalism is on the verge of collapse and what a post-capitalist world might look like.

Like many sustainability activists, I strongly believe that with advanced planning and preparation, the demise of capitalism could be an extraordinarily positive change for most of humankind. I tend to agree with Richard Heinberg of the Post Carbon Institute (see TEOFWAWKIT: The End of the World as We Know It) that global resource scarcity, aggravated by catastrophic climate change, will force the break-up of large nation-states into small self-governing regional units.

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But What If

by Dave McGill

We were assured at the highest levels that the debt ceiling will be raised by August 2. However, what if that is not the case. Some Republican congressmen are now saying that they can’t foresee any situation in which there could be a favorable vote in the House of Representatives for the “long-term” type of deal the president has insisted on from the start. There is no way most of us want to go through this again six months from now.
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