The Emperor’s Seven Signing Statements

by David Swanson

Lawless detention is the least of it. State secrets and warrantless spying scrape the surface. Drone attacks and ongoing torture begin to touch it. But central to the power of an emperor, and the catastrophes that come from the existence of an emperor, is the elimination of any other force within the government. Signing statements eliminate congress. Not that congress objects. Asking congress to reclaim its power produces nervous giggles. Continue reading

the contrarian – President Obushma Drops Some Loose “Change”

by Dave McGill

With an 80% popularity rating and what seemed to be a “coronation” before a joint session of Congress last evening, President Obama is riding high. But at this point in his presidency, it’s purely a case of style over substance. It’s far too early for “substance” to be evaluated, and that is not the purpose here. Continue reading

Why the GOP Is Going Down While Seeming to Go Up

by Bernard Weiner, The Crisis Papers

It’s like watching someone being sucked down into quicksand. I’m referring to the sad, desperate struggle of the Republican Party to try to resurrect its electoral fortunes by championing the exact same policies that took them to embarrassing defeat in the Obama/Democratic landslide. By their actions, it’s plain they got nuthin’. Continue reading

“Shallow Throat” On Obama and GOP Obstructionism

by Bernard Weiner, The Crisis Papers

I was shocked. For six years, I had been meeting secretly with the GOP mole I called “Shallow Throat”** — a high-ranking official in the Bush Administration — and each time, ST made sure to wear different wigs and scarves and dark glasses. Now, here was Shallow Throat in front of me, at a Smithsonian cafe, with no disguise. Except this time wearing a smile a mile wide. Continue reading