the contrarian: 3 Questions that Don’t Keep Me Awake at Night

by Dave McGill

Are the Tea Baggers a Third-Party-in-Waiting?

There seems to be a growing level of animosity between the Tea Party candidates and traditional Republicans. True, the Tea Baggers don’t brew consistency, nor do they even have a platform. The proposals hitting the news, however, seem to have a common thread, if not a lucid one. The theme might be characterized as major surgery to trim the size of the government, cut government spending and reduce the deficit – a good plan at some point but not the ideal recipe for getting the country out of its nearly three-year economic downturn.

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Tiger Woods : It’s How You Play the Game

by Dave Zirin

Slave labor and toxic dumping:
Tiger Woods and his corporate partners
This is business as usual for Woods who would sooner swallow a five-iron than take anything resembling a political stand.

During the Bill Clinton impeachment idiocy of 1998, many on the left said that if Clinton were removed from office, let it be for gutting welfare or for imposing sanctions on Iraq, and not l’affaire Lewinsky.
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