A great Country

by Bernard Schaer

Some of the very interesting comments that followed this post Hector Balderas or else…. (…?), but – I felt – didn’t really pertain to the core of my earlier post, prompted me to write this post today. So, you might want to go read the other one, including the comments, first.
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My New Expatriate Identity

by Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall

For people over fifty, starting over in a new country is like dropping a lab rat in a complex maze. Like the rat, you suddenly find yourself in a totally unknown environment that constantly confronts you were new decisions and dilemmas. For example, learning to use a new phone system. It took me months to figure out the Christchurch phone book. I also had to learn to dial 111 for emergencies, 1 for an outside line and 0 if I wanted to call a cellphone or long distance number. And not to waste hours redialing when I got a “fast busy” signal — which means the number has been disconnected.
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