Not everything President Trump did so far is bad…

I voted for Obama twice. The first time around I had very high expectations like probably most people who supported him and voted for him. The bar was set very high, close to walking on water. Hope and Change was in the air but I also kept telling myself that he is a mortal like everybody else, that he is just one man, the President of the US, yes, but that there is also Congress… Over the last eight years there were a lot of things Obama initiated or supported that I didn’t like. I still believe that he was one of the best presidents this country has had. That’s my opinion. History will be the judge of that. In many ways Obama went along with the political establishment, the rich and the super-rich and the moneyed interests. Overall, President Obama continued the status-quo. There is not doubt that Hillary Clinton would have done the same continued the status-quo.

President Trump on the other hand is – aside from all the attributes that I don’t want to repeat here – seemingly erratic and unpredictable. He keeps everybody constantly off balance, saying one thing only to contradict himself within a 24-hour period. He is the first president in recent memory who seems to buck the establishment. And yet, he is surrounded by establishment types. A couple of things Trump did so far by decree are positive changes: decoupling the USA from the TPP/TTIP negotiations for one and second, his executive order on lobbying. Other things that he ordered by decree are either non-sensical, not in the best interest of We the People – but good for the rich and super-rich again, detrimental to the environment of our country and our planet, short-sighted, harmful to the economy and the way he seems to operate is at times already a touch Hitler’esque.

I don’t expect the Fox-fed, low-information voters who are too dumb to know that they are dumb not to support President Trump full throttle in everything he does, right or wrong. However, I do expect those among my FB friend who did vote for President Trump who are learned people, possibly with a degree in this or that, to be able to step back enough to look at any action by the Trump administration and analyze and evaluate it on its merits.

I believe that at this time in our country “We the People” want and need someone who is willing to buck the establishment. Someone who is willing to stand up for the people. And all of us need to reach across, get out of our own, comfortable “echo chamber” and engage with those  fellow Americans who are seemingly on the other side. This is a great opportunity to discuss as objectively as possible! Hating each other doesn’t get us anywhere. Following the Orange Führer blindly is not an option either (couldn’t help myself….).


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