What If He’s Right?

by James Howard Kunstler

Just when America was celebrating the provisional end of BP’s Macondo oil blowout, and getting back to important issues like Kim Kardashian’s body-suit collection, along comes Matthew Simmons with a rather strange and alarming outcry on doings in the Gulf of Mexico that contradicts the mood of renewed festivity, as well as just about every shred of reportage from any media outlet, mainstream or otherwise.
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“Why is the land of Afghanistan somehow critical to our need to fight terrorism?”

by Bernard Schaer

I admit it. My wife and I watch “Hardball with Chris Matthews” over our customary afternoon cup of coffee. Chris loves his job, you can tell. Despite the show’s title, though, most of his questions are of the softball kind, the kind one would expect from an MSM politcal program.
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Lies and Criminality About Justice Department and Georgia — “So?”

by Bernard Weiner

This is an essay about the consequences of lies and law-breaking emanating from the top levels of government. We’ll get to Russia’s Putin and Georgia’s Saakashvili below. First:
How can you tell when the Busheviks in America are telling lies or trying to hide the truth? One could resort to the old saw “When their lips are moving,” but sometimes these guys inadvertently spill the beans. Remember Bush’s own accidental truth-bomb when he said his role as president is to “catapult the propaganda”?

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Naval Blockade – an Act of War

by Bernard Schaer

A sizable armada of approximately 36 warships, two Strike Groups, the USS Abraham Lincoln and the USS Peleliu Strike Group, as well as Expeditionary Strike Groups, is prepared and ready to create a naval blockade on Iran, which is tantamount to a declaration of war. Some German reports raise the possibility, that the USS Iwo Jima and the Royal Navy carrier HMS Ark Royal, accompanied by French submarines, may join the party. Continue reading